• Ice therapy, Ultrasound, Laser and Electrical Currents to relief pain and swelling
    • Correction of muscle imbalances using a combination of exercises and heat therapy to regain mobility
    • Balance and proprioception training
    • Correction of gait (walking patterns)
    • Use of Gait Lab Technology to assess gait patterns and identifying muscle imbalances.
    • Developing proper core muscle control using advanced technology like Real Time Ultrasound which provides a visual display of muscles in action
    • Special taping techniques to support injured muscle/joints or prevention of injuries when returning to sports
    • Advise on both training intensities and duration to allow patients to gradually return to sport immobilized for sometime or a surgery may be required.

If the athlete has a ruptured tendon due to a major injury or continuous stress and inflammation, then the limb may need to be immobilised for a period of time or a surgery may be required.

If there is severe instability of the ligaments/joints then a surgical correction or reconstruction may be advised by the Orthopaedic Specialist.