WHP Program is about establishing an environment that encourages fitness and healthy living in the work place. The program is a pro-active approach for a healthier work place to increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury. Through our tailored ergonomic presentations, your employees will be educated about the causes and prevention of Repetitive Stress Injuries and Postural Hazards in their own workstation, thus reducing unnecessary risks. We also teach employees to perform simple exercises to decrease fatigue and the risk of injury.

ERGONOMICS in the workplace is to ensure an optimum fit between workers, the work they do, the tools they use and their work environment.




  • Cost effective solutions to reach a wider workforce
  • Feel valued by employer
  • Injury prevention tips for your workforce
  • Gain access to specialist healthcare professionals
  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Opportunity to raise concerns and get advice
  • High perceived value by employees
  • Learn recognized relaxation techniques
  • Demonstrate to employees your duty of care
  • Address potential postural or musculo-skeletal problems


A typical lunchtime Ergonomic presentation will include:

  • Definition of ergonomics and how it applies to the office setting.
  • Explanation of Repetitive Stress Injuries and their underlying causes.
  • Connection between posture and the risk of injury.
  • How to correct positioning of chair and workstation using ergonomic principles.
  • Review of exercises to reduce stress and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Soft copy of handout on chair positioning and workstation set-up along with an exercise sheet.
  • Offer discount coupons for any physiotherapy treatment, your staff may need at our clinic.



From back and neck pain to stress management and sports injuries, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Over the last four years, our reputation has grown through personal recommendations. We pride ourselves in exemplary customer service and patient care. Packages are available for employers or individuals

These may be for in-house services at your office or in-clinic services at our centre. For more information on our ergonomics programs please e-mail