Our body is designed to cope with the stress exerted on it by the various activities but when it is stressed beyond it’s capacity, that’s when injuries happen. The risk factors may include:

External Factors

  • Improper training techniques using excessive resistance, imbalance in training different muscle groups, over-exercise and lack of recovery time between exercise
  • Sporting surface e.g. floor friction
  • Training equipment
  • Weekend Warrior Routine i.e. intensive exercise over the weekend and none for the rest of the week


Internal Factors

  • Age like for those picking up intensive sports later on in life and may not have a body conditioned to be able to cope with the extra demands that it requires.
  • Level of fitness
  • Overuse i.e. excessive use of the same movement pattern using the same muscles
  • Ligament laxity and joint instability
  • Previous injuries or return to sports too soon after injuries without proper rehabilitation
  • Muscle weakness or imbalance
  • Postural defects
  • Poor foot mechanics