Patients may take medical treatment for relief of pain. Physiotherapy aims to assist with pain relief and muscle strengthening or re-education. Your physiotherapist will select the appropriate modalities for your condition from the list below. 

Short Wave Diathermy: This is administered to relieve pain and to improve bloody supply (vascularization).

Lumbar Traction/Spinal Decompression Therapy: If the pain is referred from lumbar spine, traction is helpful. The distraction force reduces the pain and increases the joint mobility.

Interferential Therapy: Interferential current stimulates the peripheral sensory and muscle nerve fibres to reduce pain and inflammation.

Ultrasound Therapy: Helps to reduce localised pain and swelling by increasing micro-circulation

Laser Therapy: The low level laser therapy helps in pain management.

Exercise Therapy:  A strengthening program can improve overall range of motion and postural control. This may include exercises for the abdominal muscles as well as the Hip, Back and Knee joints.

Postural Training: Learning to keep joints in the best positions for weight bearing to reduce stress on the joints.

Galt Training: To improve weight bearing control and balance