Corporate Testimonials

1. Jim Mathews: Thank you Monika, I spoke to Kathleen the ACCE at the Texas campus, it was a great experience for her. As you know Crystal will be joining you soon, and she is very excited for this! Thank you once again for the guidance & support.

2. Shamini: I used to be in PATC observing what physiotherapy is all about. I truly loved the experience and would like to thank all of you for making it a special one for me. Thank you so much again!

3. Shane: I’m writing to say thank you all once again for your kind hospitality throughout my stay at Physio Asia Therapy Centre as an Intern! After visiting other clinics during my break, what stood out to me about Physio Asia was it’s level of attention and connection between the physios and the patients during the session. Using electrotherapy in conjunction with manual therapy was also a real eye opener for me and I certainly learnt a lot from all of you during my short stay there!